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The new ECHUS motocross enduro helmet, designed and developed according to the new ECE 22.06 standard, is designed for demanding riders who experience the most extreme Off Road always in total safety.The outer shell of the helmet with an exclusive design is designed with special ribs, designed to maximize shock absorption and dissipation according to the most modern technologies of the New Ufo Plast R&D Department.


The Ufo Plast ECHUS motocross enduro helmet is designed for demanding riders who experience the most extreme Off Road in total safety.

  • Exclusive design of the outer shell of the helmet designed with the most modern technologies of the New Ufo Plast R&D Department
  • Special edges on the outer shell designed to maximize shock absorption and dissipation
  • Outer shell molded in latest generation HPF (High Performance Fiberglass)
  • Shell in composite of fused fibers to obtain a single ultra-resistant and flexible layer
  • Helmet made in two different outer shell sizes and two molded internal EPS sizes and double density for maximum shock absorption, offering the highest level of comfort
  • Optimal fit in all conditions of use
  • Adjustable visor integrated with the shell reduces friction and confers to the design of the helmet fluidity and aerodynamics making it a style reference in its category
  • Wide field of view
  • Wide range of side vision
  • Total compatibility with the most famous brands of Off Road goggles on the market
  • Ventilation system designed by UFO PLAST makes the helmet extremely comfortable even in the most extreme conditions of use
  • Optimal internal heat dissipation
  • Numerous front air intakes convey the air directly inside the shell
  • Internal EPS perfectly distributes the flow of fresh air up to the extractors located at the top, rear and side of the helmet,
  • Interior made of breathable and hypoallergenic materials with differentiated density sponges to dissipate humidity and ensure ideal comfort
  • Fully removable and washable interior to allow perfect sanitation
  • ESS (Emergency Safety System): cheek pads equipped with a quick release emergency system
  • ESS allows you to remove the cheek pads with the helmet on to facilitate the safe removal of the protective device and avoid further trauma
  • Strap with DD closure in red anodized aluminum complete with fixing button
  • The ECHUS helmet is compatible with all Neck Brace models.
  • Sizes from XS to XXL
  • Weight 1300g ± 50g M size
  • ECE 22.06 approved


Before cleaning the helmet, remove the elements inside, and the visor if present, to sanitize with the utmost care. To reach the most difficult points, help yourself with a small soft brush. Blow into the air intakes to free them of any dirt that may be stuck.


Padding pre-treated with antibacterial completely removable and washable, by hand or washing machine, for a thorough sanitation. Hand wash: soak overnight in lukewarm water with a little neutral detergent, then rinse thoroughly. Machine wash: select a ”delicate” cycle at a maximum temperature of 30 °, using a mild detergent. Drying: do not use the dryer. Don’t twist. Press the padding lightly to remove excess water and let it dry naturally.


Gently wipe the shell with a soft cloth moistened with warm water. In case of persistent dirt, moisten and wait at least an hour before proceeding to remove the dirt with a soft cloth, then dry.


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