Intelligens och prestanda

Det här är de två nyckelorden för vår 250cc, den perfekta motorstorleken för Enduro.
Den är så intelligent att allt du behöver är din smartphone för att ställa in den.
XEF250 är så högpresterande att den vann Six Days 2021 med Team Italy.


Great performance, but easy to manage, to avoid needlessly tiring professional riders and hampering amateurs. Our 250 cc always knows how to behave: high-performance, light and reliable. Characteristics that arise from a series of solid solutions like the double camshaft and drive shaft, and a touch of craziness. The inverted head, combined with a backwards-sloping cylinder, centralises the weight and guarantees exceptional agility and impressive handling.


The exhaust system is an essential component to get the best from our 4-stroke.

Developed in collaboration with Arrow, the manifold closely hugs the cylinder to centralise weight, while the aluminium terminal releases all the power and thrilling sound of a 250.


Want to turn on a sixpence? Want to correct your course at the last moment to avoid an obstacle? Our superb aluminium frame was designed for this. Moulded, extruded and die-cast components join forces to guarantee the ideal balance of lightness and rigidity, agility and precision. High quality suspension should guarantee ultra-precise handling, using every millimetre of the stroke to filter the terrain and keep only what the rider needs. This is why we chose KYB and a 48 mm pressurised closed-cartridge SSS (Speed Sensitive System) fork, with 300 mm of travel and super-adjustable for preload, extension and compression. The mono shock absorber is also Kayaba, with 315mm wheel travel.


A rider becomes a winner if his performance is consistent from start to finish. The 8-litre central tank allowed us to work with the Enduro Factory Team on an ergonomic design that’s sleek, clean and contoured. The seat design is also key, comfortable and with great grip. And all to offer you maximum comfort and freedom, from a Sunday ride to a 6-day event.


With the dedicated WiGET app, it’s like having several bikes in one. With a simple click from your smartphone, the bike’s ECU adjusts to one of the mapping setups developed by Fantic Racing, or you can create your own engine setup, for any terrain and weather conditions. It’s also possible to read the bike’s meter, add service notes, get diagnostics and view engine data in real-time.


Is there a discipline with more obstacles and pitfalls than Enduro? We want you to tackle any course without worries, and that’s why the XEF250 comes with hand guards and a robust engine standard.

Tekniska data

  • Motor: encylindrig 4-takt DOHC, vattenkyld, 4 ventiler
  • Slagvolym: 250 cc
  • Kompression: 13.8: 1
  • EFI: insprutning
  • Borr: 77,0 mm
  • Slaglängd: 53,6 mm
  • Tändsystem: TCI
  • Smörjsystem: våt sump
  • Koppling: våt (multiple-disc)
  • Antal växlar: 6
  • Motorolja: 0,95 liter
  • Homologation: Euro5
  • CO2 Emission: 83 g/km
  • Främre ram: löstagbar i aluminium
  • Hjulvinkel: 27.2°
  • Swingarm: aluminium, progresiv länk
  • Däck: 90/90×21 – 140/90×18
  • Fälgar: 21×1.60 – 18×2.15
  • Bromsar fram: skiva (wave) 270 mm
  • Bromsar bak: skiva (wave) 245 mm
  • Fjädring fram: KYB ø48 mm, fullt justerbar 310 mm
  • Fjädring bak: KYB, fullt justerbar 317 mm
  • Längd: 2175 mm
  • Höjd: 1270 mm
  • Bredd: 825 mm
  • Sadelhöjd: 955 mm
  • Hjulbas: 1480 mm
  • Tankvolym: 7,9 liter
  • Torrvikt: 115 kg

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