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High end MX racing pad for professional use, the special sinter mix combines maximum stopping power with high temperature resistance to eliminate any possible brake fade. Its high initial bite and linear feel allow aggressive and controlled deceleration. Equipped with NRS technology which provides a constant pressure point all through the brake pad lifecycle.

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Märke Modell Från år Till år Tilläggsinfo
FANTIC XX250 2022 2022 FRONT
YAMAHA WR250F 2022 2022 FRONT
YAMAHA WR450F 2021 2022 FRONT
YAMAHA YZ125 2022 2022 FRONT
YAMAHA YZ250 2022 2022 FRONT
YAMAHA YZ250F 2021 2022 FRONT
YAMAHA YZ450F 2020 2022 FRONT
YAMAHA YZ450FX 2021 2022 FRONT

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