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High performance coolant and antifreeze formulated to provide protection from overheating and freezing

under even the most extreme conditions. The extensively developed formulation combines premium ethylene

glycol and pure deionized water with advanced additive chemistries to provide optimum cooling, water pump

lubrication and corrosion protection for all liquid-cooled engines. The robust anti-foam system minimizes

pump cavitation, thereby increasing cooling capacity and extending equipment life.


▪ Premixed with pure, deionized water for optimum performance and convenience

▪ Enables maximum horsepower by controlling engine temperatures

▪ Advanced formulation protects against rust, corrosion and cavitation

▪ Nitrate, amine and borax free!

▪ 100% biodegradable in unused form

▪ Safely mixes with most OEM glycol-based anti-freeze/coolants


For all liquid-cooled engines recommending conventional or hybrid ethylene glycol-based antifreeze/coolants. Ready-to-use formulation requires no mixing.

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